July 30, 2009

.cryin' in pain.

..he once said to me..
..n i did agree a lot..
..haha~bkan nk sje2 feeling2 pun kn..
..juz at that tyme,nga sgt2 down..
..really need sum1 to comfort me..
..luckily i hve him by my side..
..he wiped all my tears n gave back my true smile..
..he became my bestfren who always been by my side..
..he used to song me this song..
..u're the voice i hear inside my head..
..the reason that i' singing..
..i need to find u..
..i gotta find u..
..u're da missing piece i need inside on me..
..i need to find u..
..i gotta find you..
..but that doesn't last 4 long..
..ta lme mne pun..
..he's suddenly gone without saying gudbye..
..n its really hurt me a lot..
..n till now,still je tatau np dy ilang..
..sumtimez ada gak nmpak dy on9..
..ase nk tego tp ta kuat nk tego..
..tkot kalo dy wat dunno,ag hurt..
..dy muncul blik..
..he did ctc me~!!..
..i was happy back then..
..but wut if suddenly dy ilang ag??..
..ley ke aq afford ag skali pain??..
..i think its better 4 me to juz let him go..
..neva eva let my heart to be stuck with him ag..
..kn kn kn?..
..so my dear fren..
..juz don't let yaself being seen by me again..
..i've hurt enough..
..n i've found a lot of happiness now..
..[ok jew awk tadew]..
..so juz go away..
..n now i noe,
u're da one dat i really wanted but will neva have..
..n i wish,
not to hear da song u used to sang to me eva again..

[nk nyanyi ley??lgu yg aq ubah liriknye ske2 ati aq]

..i used to called him my fren..
..i used to called him the love..
..the love that i neva had..
..but when i see him..
..i dunno wut to do..
..when will i see him again..

p/s: to those who noe him,let him noe that i'm no longer need him~
n dear 'HIM',sorry if i did hurt u b4~


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